Kitchen cleaning hack – How to clean a burnt sauce pan

For the last few weeks i have been juggling around house work and looking after my two month old baby. i put a saucepan on stove to make tea and went to the bedroom to check on my baby. When i opened the door he was wide awake. He looked at me and started crying thats his way of asking for food and nappy change. I feed him, changed his nappy, burped him and start to rock and gently pat his back.


What!!? Huh!! not again!! Its the fire alarm. I put my baby on the bed and rushed to the kitchen. Saucepan on the stove was completely burnt. Bottom of the pan was all black and looked rock solid. i tried to wash and scrape it for 20 mins thrice but that black stuff doesn’t wanna come off. IMG_5435

when all my effort were in vain i call my helpline, my mom. she gave a very good tip that i am going to share with you.

You only need two simple ingredients that are easily available in everybody kitchen. Vinegar and baking soda. Put vinegar in the pan and put it to boil on medium heat for around 10 mins. take it off the stove and add small amount of baking soda in it. When it gets cold wash it and scrub it. you will get a clean pan.


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